Alkalizing for Health

Nov 14, 11 Alkalizing for Health


AlkalizingTrying to undersand what the big deal is about whether your foods are alkaline or acidic is all about?

It can be confusing … I know.  I’ve tried to understand it and it took me a while to understand it.

Therefore I was thrilled when I found a series of great videos that explain the entire concept so simply.

So rather than try to rewrite what this Dr. Bob explains, I’ll just share the video with you.

Here is the first of the series.  I’ll share part two tomorrow so be sure to watch for it.


Dr Bob Explains Alkalizing




Did you hear that –  what causes your body to become acid?

Stress and Food!


Watch the video to understand why you should be concerned about  alkalizing for your health.


Ready for Part Two … Click here!

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